FitMan - Modern functional aerobic training

FitMan® Workout

Modern functional aerobic training,
adapted to all ages and needs of trainees.

An optimal combination of traditional and modern fitness and aerobics methodology based primarily on the correct execution of exercises in order to improve and preserve the health and physical abilities of the trainees.

The training concept is based on the 4 most basic exercises, which every exerciser, whether a beginner or a professional, exercises in all kinds of sports or hobby training (squats, lunges, push-ups, planks), performed in the correct way with the harmony of the movements of the upper and lower body together with coordinated breathing and aims to achieve maximum functionality of the body during movements. The aim is to enable the exerciser to move as smoothly and fluidly as possible in all directions in the correct way, by isolating the joints and transferring the entire load directly to the muscle. Special emphasis is placed on the constant work of the whole body when performing all exercises, combinations and choreography. This means that it is very important that if we do, for example, exercise for legs and buttocks – squats, in addition to correct movements of the lower part of the body, when performing the exercise, we also move the upper part of the body and arms correctly and in sync. In this way, with the desired exercise, we get the maximum effect on the whole body and not only on the primary function of the exercise.

In the Fitman® workout, great attention is paid to the aesthetics of the movements, and this is one of the main differences compared to other training programs that every exerciser or onlooker will immediately notice. Every new fitman® trainer is trained to be the best presenter of our program, but also of their creativity and enthusiasm. Trainers are given a lot of room for creativity in choosing exercises, combinations and choreography, following the recognizable fitman® line, but they especially draw attention to the fact that training must always be flexible and never universal, and that it is always created according to the needs and capabilities of the exercisers who attend the training. The training is easily adaptable and very useful for all ages and types of exercisers, both for recreational purposes and for professional sports teams.

During the entire training, the exerciser performs all movements to the rhythm of the music, the exercises are adjusted to the music, and the exercise or variation changes when the music beat changes.

The goal of the program is to combine strength, endurance and flexibility training in 60 or 90 minutes, which is the duration of a group training session in the gym, and thus develop the most important segments of physical fitness.