FitMan - Modern functional aerobic training

FitMan® Workout

"Divide et impera"
Maximally simplified concept

The training concept is based on the 4 most basic exercises, which every practitioner, whether a beginner or a professional, practices in all kinds of sports or hobby training (squats, lunges, push-ups, planks), performed in the correct way with the harmony of the movements of the upper and lower parts of the body together with coordinated breathing and aims to reach the maximum functionality of the body during movements.

3D movement

3D functional workout defined as a set of exercises where the movements are performed as a whole in all directions, up - down, forward - back, left - right.

Move with the music

It has been scientifically proven that performing exercises in accordance with the rhythm of music improves control, awareness and beauty of movement.

Advanced posture

Don't forget that proper posture is an important part of your long-term health.

Defined movement template

At the fitman® workout, great attention is also paid to aesthetics movement and this is one of the main differences compared to other training programs.

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FitMan® Personal Training

Comprehensive personal training

Why choose us over all the other trainers in town?

Multidisciplinary approach

Your training plan is not worked by one, but by a team of trainers.

Certified trainers

Competent and university-educated trainers.

Trained by pro athletes

Our trainers are primarily former or current professional athletes.

Personalized training plan

Each training program and accompanying nutrition plan are maximally personalized.

Harmony of movement. Precision. Power. Endurance. Flexibility and mobility. Peace. Satisfaction.


Improve the health of your employees with the best corporate fitness experts in town

10+ years of experience in company fitness

All our trainers have many years of experience working with clients in this industry.

A choice of over 20 types of group training

Your employees will be trained by professional athletes, certified and university-educated trainers of your choice.

In whatever language you want

Our team is made up of trainers from different parts of the world and trainings are possible in whatever language you want.

Group Training

Do you need a trainer for group trainings?

You are in the right place, here you will find the best group trainers in town.

Classic group programs

Aerobics, Dance Aerobics, BBP, TBW, HIIT, Tabata etc...

Branded & innovative programs

Pilates, Yoga, Zumba, Cardio Boxing, Deep workout etc...

Group programs for children

Swimming, Running, Cycling, Football, Boxing, Karate etc...

Group programs for seniors

Back health, Vital gymnastics, Pilates for pensioners etc..