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FitMan® School

The most modern school of functional aerobic training in Vienna

Welcome to the first school of functional aerobic training in Austria! Become part of the most modern fitness squad in the Austrian capital! Learn the basics of functional flow movement and pass it on to your exercisers! Both you and your trainees will be delighted!

Do you want to become a coach?
You are in the right place!

4 reasons to become a group coach:


Healthy life

Ideal for sportsmen, ex-athletes or people who want to stay healthy for the rest of their lives.


Make money from your hobby

When your hobby becomes your profession, you will do what you love, you will not have stress and you will be well paid.


Guaranteed job

Our organization is connected to a large number of gyms, sports and SPA centers, hotels, etc... After completing the course, you have the opportunity to start working immediately.


Flexible working hours & workplace

With our diploma, you will be able to work anywhere in the world, absolutely independently and whenever you want.

In the Fitman® workout, great attention is paid to the aesthetics of the movements, and this is one of the main differences compared to other training programs that every exerciser or onlooker will immediately notice. Every new Fitman® trainer is trained to be the best presenter of our program, but also of their creativity and enthusiasm. Trainers are given a lot of room for creativity in choosing exercises, combinations and choreography following the recognizable Fitman® line, but we especially draw attention to the fact that the training must always be flexible and never universal and that it is always created according to the needs and capabilities of the exercisers who attend the training. The training is easily adaptable and very useful for all ages and types of exercisers, both for recreational purposes and for professional sports teams.

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